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polygamy at its best!

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robotsex ✥ to the limit
You've arrived at ROBOTSEX, an icon community shared by five crazies with too much time on their hands. The only two things all five of us have in common are that we're all female and we all know how to manga color. Other than that, we're as different as can be, but that's what makes things fun! Please watch the community to keep up with updates and general awesomeness.
allsunday ✥ zee
Irresponsible Husband #1: Probably the only one of us with an actual life. She likes Bakuman & Slayers, but don't expect to see much of either. ♥

tsutomu ✥ lore
Responsible Wife: The insomniac of the group with the most farflung tastes, she's secretly quite lazy. Right now she loves Higepiyo & Ouran.

milkfed ✥ lynn
Happy Concubine: Our concubine is surely joining the ranks of the irresponsible spouses. Still, her bright, colorful icons are well worth the wait! Loves KHR & Soul Eater.

casanovas ✥ kourin
Irresponsible Husband #2: Kourin loves DBSK & D.Gray-Man and while she may not post as often, her posts are like water in a desert; a little goes a long way!

mobsters ✥ sam
Illegitimate Child: Despite being the youngest, she's probably posted the most... Has a penchant for making coloring icons of KHR & Bleach.

profile by gossymer, stylesheet from thrashmetal, header by mobsters + escorts
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