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polygamy at its best!
22nd-Sep-2009 09:38 pm(no subject)
【 STOCK 】❤ all up in smoke
This probably isn't going to come as much of a surprise to anyone seeing as lovestomp left and the rest of us haven't been posting regularly for a while, but I'm sad to say that robotsex is going to be closed for the foreseeable future. I talked to casanovas a while back about how she felt her interests were different from what she felt the majority of the watchers were here to see, and then later to milkfed about how neither of us ... really LOVE iconing as much as before. I still make the odd icon from time to time, but the whole iconing scene hasn't really interested me in a while now. (can't really speak for Lynn, but that's how I feel) allsunday and mobsters have both been MIA for a while, as well.

We had a really good run! I think we're one of the older group communities still around and I think it's really awesome that we've stuck together for so long. ;A;♥ robotsex closing doesn't mean that we don't like each other anymore or that we're QUITTING ICONING FOREVER, I just think that we're all starting to move in different directions and it's time to let go. (I feel like I'm explaining a divorce to my young children, haha)

The community is going to stay open and everyone will still have posting access so ... who knows what will happen in the future? Still, even if we stop posting here and move on, all of our old posts will still be viewable here. To our watchers -- thanks for sticking by us for all these years. To my fellow robotsex spouses, thanks for joining me here and posting your pretty icons for all this time! XD

Sayonara and good night. ♥
17th-Jul-2009 10:57 pm - peace out!
Hello, my lovely robotsexlettes! I am very sad to say that this is my official icon-making retirement post. I've been making icons for a couple years now, and it's been a lot of fun, but I'm ready to move onto other creative endeavors. First, an enormous thank you to the ladies of robotsex, who welcomed me here with open arms and kept me as their willing mistress. And another big, huge thank you and many sloppy kisses to everyone who ever commented on my icons or even paused to look at them- it meant a lot, thank you!! See you around!
❤ Mili

3rd-May-2009 02:16 am - 154 icons
【 STOCK 】❤ all up in smoke
ヒゲぴよ (001-040)
桜蘭高校ホスト部 (040-154)

resourcesarchives ⚡ comment, credit, do not steal ⚡ blanks are not bases

I'm sorry I'm a week off with the Higepiyo icons. ): It won't happen again. ... probably. Anyway, these are icons from episode four and five of Higepiyo and episode 02 of Ouran, to continue my pattern. |D

I have all but moved to Dreamwidth, and milkfed and I started Robotsex over there, too, so if you have an account, do subscribe! :3 I'll be cross-posting between both here and there, though, so no worries.

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