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polygamy at its best!
18th-Apr-2009 07:30 pm - 135 icons
【 STOCK 】❤ all up in smoke
東のエデン (001-020)
ヒゲぴよ (021-040)
桜蘭高校ホスト部 (040-135)

resourcesarchives ⚡ comment, credit, do not steal ⚡ blanks are not bases

Yeahhhhh. Some more experimentation. I think the quality on this Higepiyo raw episode wasn't as good as usual, somehow, because the icons were a lot harder to work on this time around. 0_o

I'm in the process of downloading this high-quality DVD rip set of Ouran episodes, so I think I'll do icons from each of the episodes. :D All of the ones in this batch are from episode 01. The colors and scaling are so much nicer in these files that they were just begging to be iconed. |D I tried not to be too character-biased, but eh I'm only human and obsessed with Kyoya.

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11th-Apr-2009 03:08 am - 45 icons
【 STOCK 】❤ all up in smoke
ヒゲぴよ (01-12)
東のエデン (13-25)
リストランテ・パラディーゾ (26-45)

resourcesarchives ⚡ comment, credit, do not steal ⚡ blanks are not bases

Experimenting with some things in this batch, soooo. Idk I'm not 100% happy with all of them, so a couple of these might get remade later. Aaaand I need to do Basquash! icons, I just haven't gotten around to capping the episodes yet, so. I'm also not bothering with any Sengoku Basara icons even though I'm watching the series because my friend Lain made some perfectly gorgeous ones already. |D My Eden of the East icon batch is pretty character-biased, but just go back a post and look at milkfed's icons if you want more of Saki.

So I'm basically keeping up with five anime series this season ... at least for now. |D So you can expect lots of icons from these couple of series. I may not finish all of them, though, I have a terrible attention span.

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edit; I've created higepiyo so do join up if you're interested in the series. I'm uploading the episodes and stuff, too, so it'll be worth your while! ;D
11th-Apr-2009 02:18 am - 26 Higashi No Eden Icons;
The coloring in this batch is all over the place.

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